Guillotine Windows

Walls of windows

Each unit has a combination of fixed and moving panels. Fixed panels are either at the bottom or the top (or both) with moving panels able to slide up and down, in between. Guillotine windows are available in framed and frameless versions. Keep in mind that the frameless versions become vulnerable in large dimensions as the glass tends to flex in high winds. This could allow wind driven rain to enter between panels despite a very nice, near invisible sealing system.

The genie has preference for the Hi-Lo Guillotine windows from Miba, mainly because of the vast experience of the company in glass and aluminium, having been manufacturing such products since 1979. In addition, their prices are very competitive as this product is produced in-house.

This is a really great solution, even if the cost can be quite inhibitive. But, for those who wish to have the convenience of pressing a button to open the window, it is available, and even quite popular.