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Outdoor Living Space Design – 7 Important factors

30 Aug 2021 11:42 | Written by
It’s all in the detail… I am sure you have heard that before. Knowledge is power, which really boils down to the same thing. The point is that if you want to get the best results, it helps to do a little homework first. Increase your knowledge by doing some…
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Architecture and Outdoor Living Space Design

19 Aug 2021 11:57 | Written by
When considering the design ideas for your outdoor living space, it is also necessary to consider the existing architecture of the surrounding building(s). How will your plans affect the overall aesthetic on completion? Are you able to maintain the architectural integrity of the original design, whilst at the same time…
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Covering Your Outdoor Living Space

18 Aug 2021 12:17 | Written by
There are a number of ways in which your outdoor space can be covered: Pergola with a fixed roof Pergola with a retractable roof Bioclimatic (or louvered) pergola Shade sail (fixed or retractable) Retractable Awning 1. Pergola with a fixed roof These are pergolas that have a roof constructed with…
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Planning your outdoor space

19 Jun 2021 16:27 | Written by
Let’s face it – All over Africa, and in South Africa in particular, our weather conditions allow us to spend more time outdoors than for instance in Europe where summers are relatively short. A decent outdoor living space will have a very significant effect on the value of your property,…