We supply a wider range of European Outdoor Products designed for the Southern African outdoors and local market.

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Supply Partners

Not all European suppliers understand how things work in our backyard, and that it is often necessary to adjust their standard procedures to accommodate local conditions in order to ensure success.

Africa is not for sissies

Fortunately, the Genie has experience on both sides of the Mediterranean, which enables him to know what the local market requires, and at the same time, an ability to quickly assess which European Outdoor products have potential to find acceptance in Africa. The Genie’s Suppliers have been selected because they fit the requirements, and are willing to make certain compromises and adaptations, which enables the Genie’s dealer partners to offer their customers an exceptionally wide range of products, and an equally wide range of prices, bringing European Outdoor technology, style, and design withing reach of more people in the area.

Nevaluz can rightly be considered as a real heavy weight in the European Outdoor Industry, measured by any world standards. They are a major supplier of components to the world Outdoor market, with special interests in Spain, where their HQ is just over an hour’s drive from Seville. They supply not only their neighbour Portugal, but also numerous other European factories and dealers with everything from aluminium profiles and other components, to fully assembled products. They also feature as a major player in Latin America.

Nevaluz also has their own line of beautiful pergolas, awnings, screens and other Outdoor products, sold to the retail sector, under the SAHARA brand. SAHARA products are all high-quality products with superior structural strength due to advanced CNC technology.

Cutting-edge aeronautical technology is used to manufacture critical structural components, which are machined from pure aluminium billets from their own aluminium foundry. Their re-cycle recovery rate is phenomenal, with very little wastage of the aluminium, which goes straight back to the foundry. This, together with their buying power in raw materials, converts to an attractive cost to their customer. Their products and processes are all rated and certified, and their products score exceptionally high on these ratings.

The Genie considers it fortuitus to have the opportunity to represent such a giant in the industry, as the Sub- Sahara Africa representative. For more information on the company and it’s products, please click on the two respective logos.

Balmira is part of the Nevaluz Group of companies in Spain, and was born from the desire to combine existing technology in several spheres of product design, to create a range of products that will serve the need for smaller, cosy, public spaces that allow the user some privacy and exclusivity.

There is a huge demand for these products, especially in the hospitality industry, where there is a need to provide guests with more exclusivity and luxury around swimming pools, beaches and garden areas of hospitality venues. In fact, Nevaluz (the mother company) received a number of large orders while these products were effectively still on the drawing board, which necessitated the establishment of Balmira, to deal exclusively in the design, manufacture and supply of these products.

Balmira pavilions incorporate the latest technology in materials that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Tough and resistant against the harshest elements, yet attractive and aesthetically pleasing, these Balinesas come in different styles, sizes and variants that make them extremely versatile.

Balmira’s greatest achievement however, must be the fact that they were able to retain the elements of high-end design, superior technology and outstanding quality, whilst keeping costs at a very competitive level, which makes this product ideal for the contract market. This has allowed them to garnish orders of up to 120 units at a time for some HORECA clients.

Balmira may be a relatively new addition to this market, but the back-up, strength and reliability of Nevaluz as the mother company, has provided them with the necessary credibility and authority to be recognised as a force to be reckoned with. Please click on the company logo to view their website, and allow your imagination to take flight and explore all the possibilities.

IASO is a very progressive, large company with its head-office in the romantic Spanish city of Ejica, a short-hop from Barcelona. They have a huge product range, from ordinary beach umbrellas, to retractable pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas (with all the bells and whistles) and even massive tensile structures for covering stadiums.

IASO has the rare distinction of being a large manufacturer who also has numerous retail branches throughout Spain and Europe, with their own installation teams, which gives them a very intimate understanding of the retail sector. This enables them to tailor their offering to the specific market in which they operate. In addition to their Spanish factory, they also have manufacturing partners in Latin America (serving that region as well as the USA) and China, serving the very large and lucrative market there.

The Outdoor Genie is proud to be associated with IASO, as they are a well-established, respected company constantly striving towards finding better, more technologically advanced solutions, but with a constant concern for ensuring quality and a satisfied client base. The Genie is also impressed with their willingness to assist with bespoke requests, and going out of their way to offer unique solutions, without charging an arm and a leg in the process. Please visit their website by clicking on the logo.

Miba is where the Genie likes to shop when a client needs something really special. Being a smaller manufacturer than the other large concerns the Genie represents, affords Miba the flexibility to assist with more upmarket designs. This being said, the fact is that Miba’s standard prices compare very favourably for similar quality (apples with apples and all that) on the European and global market. This provides us with a great opportunity to bring a really well- designed, high integrity European products directly to our own client base at a very reasonable cost.

Miba is a family concern, established in 1979 In the historical city of Athens, Greece. They export to the rest of Europe, the UAE and North Africa, and now, in collaboration with the Genie, their products will also be available in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Miba is not only a manufacturer, but has for many years been directly involved in the retail sector, with literally thousands of installations through the years, by their own teams all over Europe. As a result, they have an intimate knowledge of the challenges that dealers and end-clients (the retail sector) experience. A great advantage is that Miba has the ability and willingness to supply bespoke solutions and adjust their offering to satisfy the individual needs of clients.

Through negotiation between the Genie and Miba management, we have been able to tailor a product range that addresses the specific needs of the South African and Sub-Saharan markets. The Genie and his local partners look forward to expanding the product range for our market through constant, close collaboration with Miba. Visit their website by simply clicking on the company logo on this page.

When it comes to Outdoor Furniture, Expormim from Spain is a hard act to follow, even by the standard of more famous, high-end brands. The conveyer-belt mentality of many of today’s factories just will not wash here. Nothing is pre-manufactured in China or elsewhere, and then simply finished off in their factory. For the good people at Expormim have pride and passion for, and in their work. They operate under more traditional values, believing that real craftsmanship has more value than mere numbers or margins.

Each piece is lovingly made by hand, using techniques that have existed in the area for generations, transferred from father to son. Each chair, each table, each carpet contains a small piece of the soul and heart of the master-craftsman who sculpted it. When you invest in a piece of Expormim furniture, you are really investing in a work of art.

Despite their love and respect for tradition, Expormim has very successfully adapted and managed to transcend into the modern era by employing excellent designers and exploring the latest technology in materials and fabrics. The result is a very classy, very sophisticated mix of minimalist elegance and style, while still remaining true to their traditional roots of pure craftsmanship and superlative, uncompromising quality. Their outdoor furniture range is literally beautiful enough to be used in any high-end interior space, and the timeless designs will satisfy even the most discerning tastes for many years to come.

The Genie strongly recommends a tour of the images on this site, as well as the Expormim website, but please keep in mind that you do so at your own risk. We will not be liable for the overwhelming desire you may develop to own a few of these beautiful pieces. We can however assist with relieving the symptoms by assisting you with ownership!