We are manufacturer and installer in South Africa of IASO spain imported parasols and umbrellas. Options are motorized, umbrella enclosures, branded umbrellas and motorized wind protection.

Special Parasols

Unbeatable aesthetic appeal with value for money

Special Parasols

The range of Parasols from IASO, Spain, constitute an unbeatable offer of variety, functionality, aesthetic appeal and value for money. IASO is the largest single manufacturer of umbrellas in Spain, and in addition, exports this range to many other parts of the world.

As both manufacturer and installer of these structures, with many years of dealing with the HORECA sector, IASO has a unique understanding of the most important requirements.

Special Parasols Large Umbrellas

From standard beach umbrellas to gigantic motorised parasols

The sheer variety and number of options is nothing short of astounding. From standard beach umbrellas, all the way through to fantastic, giant, motorised parasols covering areas as large as 225m2 with a single structure. Nope, you did not miss-read and neither is this a typo that slipped by unnoticed. Two hundred and twenty-five square metres… Let’s see, that would be a single structure covering 15.0 x 15.0 metres! (you can close your mouth now…)

Special Parasols Large Umbrellas

Special Umbrellas with special, sophisticated enclosures

In addition, it is possible to equip these beauties with dimmable LED lighting, or enclosing the sides with numerous different options such as glass and textile screen solutions. Even the installation of infra-red heaters with proximity sensors, and Bluetooth speakers is possible, to ensure that guests are able to enjoy the cosy evening ambiance on cooler days and nights.

Special Parasols Large Umbrellas

Branded Umbrellas

All umbrellas can be printed with business logos or themes to promote any brand, and the larger models can be motorised to open and close automatically with the press of a button.

Some smaller models have been especially designed for daily erection and removal. These models are exceptionally lightweight, without compromising structural integrity.

Special Parasols Large Umbrellas

Motorized wind protection

The entire range of Special Parasols share one common characteristic, in that they have well above average wind ratings (certified), limiting the possibility of wind damage. Motorised models can be fitted with a wind sensor, which will close the structure automatically in the event of high winds.