We offer consulting to Architects, Outdoor Living Space Design and the opportunity for you to become a dealer of our brands.

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You do not have to pay the Genie for a little advice on the phone. Feel free to call and have a friendly chat, and get an honest opinion on any questions you may have regarding any product or service. You are also welcome to read some of the articles on the Genie’s blog, where you will find detailed descriptions on how some products work, as well as general advice.

Free advice on any of our products

consulting services to architects

Consulting Services to Architects

So, you have studied for many years to be an architect, spent loads of money on your studies, and suffered through the blood, sweat and tears on your way to success. Yet, despite this, and the sheer volume of accumulated knowledge you acquired, there are still some things you don’t know – Not because you were lazy, or stupid, but because it is simply humanly impossible to know everything (including technical details) about every product you may want to specify in your projects.

The Genie admires you for your intelligence and grit, your brilliant creativity, and your hard work, and would like to assist by filling in some of the gaps on some of the very specialised products on offer, so you can be sure to do the very best for your clients and set the bar at a new level.

In fact, it is strongly recommended that you approach us early in the planning stages of a project, so we can assist you with crucial details on aspects such as maximum and minimum dimensions, drainage, electrical requirements, product features etc. Anticipating these aspects during the construction phase allows you to plan for anchor points, electrical supply, and other important elements, rather than having to do alterations later, in order to facilitate the ideal solution.

dealerships to sell our outdoor product range

Designing your Outdoor Living Space

The Genie will personally design you Outdoor Living Space, or if you prefer, put you in contact with a designer of distinction. You may also choose to use your own architect, or interior decorator, who will need quality input on technical aspects they cannot be expected to know about off-hand. The choice is entirely yours.

The most important aspect of the process is listening to you, the client, and then finding the perfect balance between your dreams and what is possible, thus ensuring that your long-term investment buys you an Outdoor Space that you will enjoy for many years to come.

The Genie understands that you are the one who has to live with the final outcome, and also, that the relationship with you will not end after final payment. Warranties need to be honoured and serviced and future maintenance issues may need attention in years to come.

dealerships to sell our outdoor product range

Become a Dealer

If your company is in the business of providing high quality, fairly priced Outdoor Living Products, and you think that it’s a good idea to enhance and enlarge your existing product range, please give the Genie a call.

Have a look at our website, and see which products have potential in your area. We will provide you with all the information required, and train your personnel on all aspects of these products. You will have the opportunity to be introduced to, and deal directly with our suppliers, supported by additional back-up and service from us. The relationships between all parties are a very open, and transparent. It is how we prefer doing business – with all cards on the table.

The main concern for us, when appointing a dealer to the network, is a good reputation, built on excellent customer service, and a genuine desire to lift the bar. It will also require the willingness to market our products effectively, and show a commitment to the mutual success of both parties, as well as the end-user customer.

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