Excellent-quality, functional, European Outdoor technology


Outdoor Genie has at the heart of our mission, to make available excellent-quality, functional European Outdoor technology to the Sub-Saharan sub-continent. If you look at these products, it becomes abundantly clear that most locally available products have some way to go before they catch up to Europe. One of the main reasons for this is that local markets are just not large enough to justify the kind of investment in research and development required to reach a similar level of sophistication and design.

Fortunately, these highly refined, designer products are now available through carefully selected suppliers, who have agreed to the Genie representing them in Sub-Sahara Africa. The total product offering is therefore extensive, and in addition, the chosen suppliers have been ready and willing to adapt their systems to local requirements.

The result is that through the Outdoor Genie and local partners, the sky is really the limit. We hope you enjoy browsing through this site and that you will give your imagination wings. Once you have accumulated some ideas, feel free to share them with us and then let us discuss your project, and find the ideal solution for you.

Our Most Popular Products

The heart of our mission is to make excellent-quality, functional, outdoor technology available to the Sub-Sharan sub-continent.

Beautiful Outdoor furniture

Modern trends dictate that our outdoor furniture should be equally well designed as the furniture we have indoors