Planning your outdoor space

Let’s face it – All over Africa, and in South Africa in particular, our weather conditions allow us to spend more time outdoors than for instance in Europe where summers are relatively short. A decent outdoor living space will have a very significant effect on the value of your property, and should be an asset to your home. Current trends world-wide, dictate that our outdoor entertainment areas, just like swimming pools, have moved closer to the main dwelling, and in fact should be integrated into the main entertainment area of the home.

The outdoor space therefore becomes an extension of the indoor space.

A decent outdoor living space will have a very significant effect on the value of your property

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Look at different options:

Plan ahead

Consumers are no longer completely dependent on specialist advice alone. There is a wealth of information available at our fingertips on the web. The genie suggests that you make use of this resource to plan your outdoor living space carefully before making any financial commitment.

By careful consideration of your needs, you will be able to better determine which products will work for you and which won’t. In this way you also avoid (often expensive) mistakes that may require doing it all over again. It really is worth investing a little extra time on planning.

Gather ideas

We strongly recommend that you search for images, and collect the ones with ideas that you really like. This will make it easier to explain to your architect, builder, designer outdoor specialist what you are aiming for. Make notes of details that are important to you.

The internet is a great resource, and provides you with a tremendous amount of information. Here are some search terms you may want to use. Outdoor living spaces / Patio ideas / Outdoor terraces / Outdoor ideas / Outdoor entertainment.

In more articles we will deal with each of the above in more detail. Good luck with planning and completing your Outdoor Living Space!

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