Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture should be as well designed as indoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture

The days of Outdoor Furniture being the Cinderella of the furniture world is long over. Gone are the days where we popped down to the local department store to look for hideous plastic chairs, or if we were lucky, a local supplier of heavy, cumbersome wrought iron outdoor sets. To be fair, there was always genuine cane rattan furniture, but was often considered too expensive and beautiful to simply leave outside.

Fortunately, there has been breathtaking advances in technology, and these days we have UV resistant, mould resistant, fade resistant materials and fabrics that have allowed outdoor furniture manufacturers to produce a much better offering. In fact, modern trends dictate that our outdoor furniture should be equally well designed as the furniture we have indoors – whilst still being able to withstand the elements. The correct choice of furniture is a critical element in achieving a beautiful, inviting and truly functional Outdoor Living Space, completing the aesthetic appeal, providing relaxing comfort and a place where we love to spend quality time alone, or entertaining family and friends.

For the hospitality industry, the bar is really set just as high. Furniture goes a long way to create a desirable Al Fresco experience, and draw customers in. The beach pub, or budget take-away may get away with cheapie furnishings, but for the more discerning visitor ambiance, aesthetic appeal and comfort is not negotiable.