Wind Shields and Partitions

Elegant and sophisticated

There are a variety of wind shields available from the Genie’s suppliers. These can vary from fixed glass panels, attached to aluminium pillars, surrounding an area with umbrellas, pergola, or sail awning, to fancy motorised units that are remote controlled (similar to the guillotine windows).They provide protection from the wind, whilst still allowing patrons using the outdoor space to enjoy the view.

That is however not their only function. They are also used to demarcate a specific area as part of the restaurant or pub. In addition, they provide the patrons with privacy, as well as some protection from street beggars and petty thieves, when used as barriers around the seating areas of inner-city alfresco dining venues.

Windshields can be anchored directly to the ground, or be mobile, with trolley wheels at the bottom, which enables the rearrangement of the shields to cordon off certain areas. They can also be attached to flower boxes/planters which serve as a ballasted base, without the necessity for drilling into the floor. They can even be used inside restaurants who wish to partition certain areas off from the rest as for functions where a large private party is being entertained. They are a great idea, and are used extensively in Europe.


Types of Vertical Enclosures