LED lighting

The ideal ambiance for your outdoor living space

Lighting has to be considered as one of the most important elements in creating the ideal Outdoor Living Space. It can be manipulated to create various points of accent, and to use the overal play with shaddow and light to create different moods, and enhance the overall design both functionally and aestheticaly. Low energy consuming LED technology has been with us for some time now, but more recent advancements have now made it possible to also dim LED lights. This allows us to create just the right lighting conditions, and with it, just the right ambiance.

Most of the structures that the Genie’s supply partners produce, have the option of installing either strip-lights, or mini spotlights in the canvass support tubes of the retractable canvass roofs, or blades in the case of the bioclimatic pergolas. These lights are usually dimmable, and controlled via a remote or even with your smart phone or tablet. Some systems can also be fully integrated to be operated from your home automation system.

In addition to the roof lights, some pergolas can be fitted with strip lights along the inner- or outer-perimeter. Inner perimeter lights are fitted along the horizontal beams and pillars on the inside of the structure. Outer perimeter lights can be fitted on the outside of the pergola in the same manner, but in addition also along the top of the runners or guides. This is especially popular when the pergola is used for commercial purposes, such as for restaurants and pubs, where they are a great feature to draw attention to, and highlight the location of the business.