Heating and Cooling

Infrared outdoor heaters have been specifically designed for outdoor use. They are completely weatherproof, and are available in wall-mounted- or freestanding versions. The Infra-red technology is quite impressive, as the effect of switching one of these on, can be felt almost almost instantly. The heater does not warm up the air in the manner that conventional heaters do. They work in exactly the same way as the sun, in that they warm up the physical objects in the room, rather than the ambient air. These objects then effectively all act as heaters, which has a drastic effect on the ambient temperature inside the pergola (or even umbrella).

A great advantage is that these heaters are not only more effective, they are also a lot safer. The actual heat of the heater itself will seldom be warmer that 120° C to the actual touch. Not only does this prevent users of the outdoor space from receiving nasty accidental burns, it also will not cause a fire, as the temperature is too low to lead to combustion. Despite this, they are super effective in turning your Outdoor Space into a cosy, warm haven – even in the middle of a cold winter.

For cooling, it is possible to install a fine-mist spray cooling system. A very fine mist is delivered through micro-nozzles, and evaporates almost immediately, so there is no water being deposited onto the floor or furniture. It is however this evaporation process that cools the surrounding air, dropping the overall, ambient temperature significantly.