Dealers & Installers

Dealers and Installers

The Genie is always on the lookout for new partners. Sub-Sahara Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands is a vast area to cover, and the market potential is huge. The rich resources of Africa, and a growing need for development of infrastructure has seenthe sub-continent becoming a major focus point of the hospitality Industry especially. And as that infrastructure develops, wesee new suburbs arise, with many private homes being built, some of which are really upmarket.

Consider that there are many areas where these products are fairly unknown, and ready to receive this kind of technology as practical, and quality solutions to create Outdoor Spaces that are original, practical and resilient against the elements in Africa.


As a qualified dealer/installer you will benefit in a number of ways:

  1. You will be listed as a bona-fide Dealer with all our European Suppliers, which means that you will have access to their products at premium trade discounts.
  2. You will also be introduced to our local network of dealers and installers, some of whom produce their own outdoor related products.
  3. You will be assisted with technical training, sales training for your sales personnel, design assistance and back-up in your interaction with our European partners. You will however be required to complete the necessary training, that is unless you can convince us that you have had lots of related experience.

Utilize our Network

If you are already manufacturing any products that are outdoor related, you will be able to utilise our network to further collaborate and expand your business. The following types of businesses would find a relationship with the OUTDOOR GENIE interesting:

  • Awning builders and installers
  • Carpentry and Decking
  • Construction companies
  • Outdoor Furniture suppliers
  • Property Developer
  • Landscaping
  • Property Maintenance
  • Pool Builders
  • Blinds and Shutters
  • Glass & Aluminium
  • Interior Decorators