Daybeds & Pavilions

Style and elegance.

Daybeds & Pavilions

The Genie just loves these. They are just fantastico! It is far better to allow you to look at the designs, rather than waffle on about CNC technology, and how strong they are, or anything about style and elegance, and all those other expletives…

What the Genie can tell you, is that they are tremendously popular in holiday destinations in Spain, Portugal, the French Riviera, Mexico, Miami, Brazil and a few more of those lazy tropical destinations. Next to the pool, out on a large patio… the possibilities are endless.

In fact, the Genie is thinking of getting one, just for the heck of it – just because it’s so nice to look at… the problem is he just cannot seem to decide which one he likes best!


As if you were in a lazy tropical destination