Architects and Designers

Architects and Designers

As an architect, you of all people know that it is impossible, despite all your study and experience, to know absolutely everything about everything. With the increasingly rapid advancements in technology, keeping up with the products and solutions available, has become more of challenge than ever. The Genie has to wonder sometimes what a guy like Antoni Gaudi, or Sir Herbert Baker would say if they had to see some of today’s technology.

Sometimes the search for the right consultant can be quite a chore. Late-night searches on the internet, gathering images for inspiration, contacting several suppliers, listening to their consultant cab be a tedious task. (by the way, how often have you tried to arbit around to the other side of a nice image on the web? … that’s when you know it’s time for time-out …) some are fortunate enough to have assistants or associates to do this legwork, but let’s face it, one way or another it has to be done …

This is where the Genie hopes to be of service. He hopes to replace the “Specialist” with “Outdoor Genie” on your next drawing.

The Genie has some insight. Having spent some twenty odd years, first in designing and constructing swimming pools, and then in the last 9 years representing and getting to know the cream of the European Outdoor industry, gives the Genie a pretty solid background. We have also been directly involved in some pretty decent projects in Africa, (as you will see under PORTFOLIO on this site). On some of these projects, the Genie collaborated with some well-known names in local architectural community.

This does not mean that the Genie knows absolutely everything, but his secret weapons are direct links to the people who have the right answers. Architects, engineers, installation- and other experts are friends and colleagues that are all willing and able to contribute, to ensure that you and your client’s best interests are served, by people in the know. These people are available to the Genie through his supply partners, as well as his dealers and installers, who have earned their stripes in the trenches, so to speak.

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So, feel free to send the Genie your PDF, dwg, and 3ds files and ask for some input. Renders and images are always welcome and in fact preferred. The Genie wants to “get” your vision. First prize would be an .skp 3D drawing.

This is because the Genie (not being and architect), works in Sketchup, and has a large collection of all the structures, ready to adjust, and fit to your plan. It will facilitate a quicker turn-around time and lift some of the pressures off your shoulders. Don’t write ‘Pergola by Specialist’ – just write ‘Pergola by Outdoor Genie”!