Retractable Flat Roof Pergolas

Original Elegance

Although there are now more versions of the retractable canvass roof, the original structure always had an inclined roof. It did however soon become apparent that there is also a need for a retractable system where the overhead beams that hold the canvass in place were perfectly horizontal. – in other words, with a 0° inclination.

Consider the fact that with these pergolas, rainwater management is always a factor that needs to be dealt with effectively to reduce the risk of structural damage. Flat structures are just not as effective in dealing with high volumes of water as their tilted counterparts, as the water flow rates are considerably lower with a zero inclination(as opposed to an inclined structure). This does not however, disqualify these pergolas as a viable option. It simply means that one has to employ certain additional measures to improve water management issues. Some solutions involve the use of a specialised gutter systems with splash plates, or with the use of a stretched, domed roof.

The Genie strongly recommends that you download his brochure on RETRACTABLE PERGOLAS. It will give you excellent insight into the different configurations, variants and models.