Inclined Retractable Pergolas

Sturdy in heavy rainfall

These pergolas have a Retractable roof, manufactured from a high quality PVC-based canvass that slopes at an angle from back to front. The biggest advantage of an inclined roof structure is that it copes well with heavy rain. The water runs off the canvass at a much quicker rate than is the case with a ‘flat’ structure’ (with a 0° inclination). The water usually flows into a gutter at the front, which then feeds it into a downpipe system to be dispersed.

It is important to ensure a sufficient, speedy run-off, as the sheer weight of the water build-up on the roof could damage the structure. It is therefore always better, if at all possible, to make use of inclined structures rather than flat ones. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to specify an inclined pergola structure. This could be because there is just not sufficient height at the back to canter the roof at the minimum angle, and still have enough height at the front to ensure free passage.

Another possible reason why an inclined structure would be unsuitable, is that the architectural style of the surrounding, existing building is such that an inclined roof would just not compliment the existing architecture. In such an instance, one needs to look at flat pergola options.