Econo-Range Retractable Pergolas

No frills yet functional and beautiful

This is a very special range of quality products that have been specifically designed for those clients who prefer a structure that will still be functional, but without the fancy frills, and high-end technology.

Perhaps you only need some shade at the side of the pool, to temper the hot sun, or a nice garden pergola where you can sit and relax with friends. The roof is fully retractable, and in the case of IASO’s Pergoflex, can even be motorised at small premium.

Despite the reasonable price, these structures should not be considered as mere ‘cheapies’. They are in fact of a very decent quality, surprisingly weatherproof, and requires minimal maintenance. They work with a rope and pulley system instead of the geared tooth belt-, and technically complicated drive systems of their more expensive counterparts. They are also ideal for restaurants, hotel pool-sides and beaches, where guests will open and close the roof, rather than the establishment’s own personnel. They are robust enough for public use, and yet retain a definite sense of style and sophistication.