Curved Retractable Pergolas

Another stunning design option

These pergolas bring another design-alternative to the table, and yet another design option to explore and utilize. They work in a very similar way to the other retractable roofed structures, with the exception that the runners/guides that carry the canvass forward or back, are curved.

There are basically two types. The first can be described as a half curve (one quarter of a circle), as opposed to a full curve (a half a circle). Using the terms “half and full circle” is really not ideal, but it gives you an idea of the basic principle. The curve of each pergola usually has a larger radius which gives the structure a more flattened circle shape. The Genie’s supply partners are in fact also quite prepared to vary the radius of the curve. This means we can supply structure with flatter- or rounder curves, depending on the client’s specific requirements.