Retractable Fold-arm Awnings

Exceptionally Strong

Chebika is no ordinary fold -arm awning. This awning is much stronger than it’s counterparts due to the cutting-edge aeronautical technology used in the manufacturing process.

Parts that are specifically required to deal with the stresses, especially in the event of wind, are machined by means of CNC from 100% pure aluminium, instead of being injection moulded. Injection moulding leaves microscopic air particles in the metal, weakening it. The machined parts are therfore of a much higher density, and as a result, are able to resist breaking or bending much better than injection-moulded parts.

Apart from being exceptionally strong, the Chebika is also an aesthetically attractive structure. The canvass rolls up very neatly into a cassette, which is completely closed when fully retracted.The Chebika can be wall or ceiling mounted, depending on the installation area.

Despite the technology, beauty, and brawn, the Chebika is surprisingly well priced when compared to it’s contemporaries. This is because the manufacturer employs various cost-effective measures in the manufacturing process, including recycling more than 99% of the manufacturing waste that results from putting Chebika together. This lowers labour and material costs significantly, resulting in substantial savings, which is transferred to the end-user client. In addition to being good value for money, the Chebika fold-arm awning is available in a number of different standard colours, and for a little extra you can even order this awning in a wood finish. Custom colours are also available. Chebika can be up to 5.0m wide with a maximum projection of 3.0m

We also have other models available for installations where increased wind resistance is less of an issue.