Retractable Drop-arm Awnings

Elegant and sophisticated

The Dakel drop-arm awning is elegant and sophisticated, inspired by modern architectural trends, and is manufactured utilising the latest generation of industrial CNC technology. It has a high level of wind resistance in accordance with the UNE EN 13561 standard, and will remain attractive for uears to come.

The aesthetics of the Dakel awning is symmetrical and integrated, thanks to its geometrically balanced profiles that result in a neat, minimalist look, without visual distraction by unsightly technical components. It is however the use of CNC technology that assures a level of structural integrity that is unheard of in the industry.

This awning is designed to create a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and super durability. Versatility is achieved with a choice of either straight or curved arms, and it is available in numerous combinations of colours, finishes and fabrics, which means it can be adapted to fit in with existing architectural elements. This versatility is further enhanced by its 180ยบ tilt, and the fact that it can be adapted to fit almost anywhere (roof, wall or recess), setting a new standard for fold-arm awnings.