We have 20+ years experience in Outdoor Living Space Design, inspired by Europe to create iconic, enclosed living spaces in Africa.

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outdoor living space

An Outdoor Living Space that suits your individuality


outdoor living space

Twenty-plus years in Outdoor Living Space Design

The Genie has also designed and supplied Outdoor Spaces, maybe not as much as some, and more than others, but much of this experience includes intimate knowledge gained, not just from local markets, but also from the extremely competitive, most advanced outdoor market in the world – Europe.

The Genie has also designed and supplied Outdoor Spaces at some of the most iconic destinations in Africa, such as the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town, and Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, Johannesburg. This is in addition to other projects in Mauritius, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Seychelles and others.

In addition, the Genie has also collaborated with, and advised some of the most prominent national and international architectural firms in South Africa, Africa and even in Europe, assisting with technical input, design and sourcing.

Pergola Pergolam Bioclimatic

How our collaborations benefit you

On the supply-side, the Genie is on friendly terms with numerous European manufacturers (in addition to the ones officially represented). This makes even more possible solutions available, providing our clients with the best opportunity to create an Outdoor Living Space that suits their specific and unique individual needs. Whether you are a restaurant owner looking at increasing your seating capacity and improving your bottom line, or a discerning private client looking to create a perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area, you have come to the right place.

As for local collaboration – well, the Genie has been dealing with a number of local installation companies and dealers as a supplier representative for years, and has had ample time to work out who is reputable, reliable, dependable, and charges a fair price. Those are the people the Genie will recommend to clients, improving the odds of a happy ending in favour of the client, greatly.

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Core values

We are the best, most trustworthy company in the world!” Yup, we bet that you have heard that one before (everybody claims to be the best). But understand that the Genie is kind of old school. Integrity, honour and genuine pride in one’s work is more important than mere profits. Working only for money is foolish as financial rewards are temporary, but the satisfaction and lasting memory of a grateful happy smile from a satisfied customer, is a huge reward in its own right, and serves as a constant inspiration and motivation to do one’s very best.

Now don’t think the Genie professes to be completely altruistic, or a charitable organization. The way the Genie earns a living, is by being paid by those suppliers who are convinced that the Genie qualifies to represent them well, and is therefore worth a share of their margins, without the need to charge the client more. That way everybody wins.

The Genie also earns an income from consulting, and designing unique, tailor-made, beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces.

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